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If you must achieve success in your dating when you are tied to a profession that requires you to travel a lot, you and your partner will need to be committed and show a great level of trust. Long distance relationship like online dating on is a challenge you and your partner must learn to cope with. But you will need to set the parameters that, both of you will live with right. You will need to build trust in your partner if your relationship will turn out to be a success. You and your partner should set the parameters of your relationship right and abide by the rules of the game.

Although multiple dating is not the best and it does not yield fruitful results, it is up to you two to decide if you want to date your partner exclusively, or you want to date other people. Both of you will need to set your expectations of the other and reach an agreement that will suite your minds and make you happy. While you set the rules, do make sure you take note of the fact that you will be away from each other for a long period of time. Accommodate and take note of every important circumstances on which your relationship is built on. If you set the guidelines on time, you will be able to define your relationship early enough.

If frequent travelling causes any difficulty due to the long distances involved when you are in different places, you can alternate who travels to meet for important physical dates. Of course, you will not want to put your partner in a situation whereby only your partner is doing all the travelling and that is why you can always date online. You also need to consider sharing the costs so that it does not cost much burden on one of you to travel often. Financial strains can put a knife on the rope that binds you two together if you always have to travel why the other person does not offer to help financially.

Do all that is necessary to define and maintain the boundaries of your online relationship on If the dynamics change for you and your feelings grow more in-depth for your partner, it will be wrong for you to live in the assumption that your partner feels the same for you. Dating the right person should always make you feel good. It will be a life of regrets if you go into a relationship with a person who does not make you feel whole and happy. So, speak often with your partner to make sure you two both feel the same way.


Show flexibility when you travel to a different time zone and your partner may not be able to talk to you when you are able to. In order to avoid interfering with each other's work schedule, you can set dates and times to call each other at convenient times. It is also great to send brief text messages and e-mails to your spouse!